Michigan Food Processing Plant 2009

Fortec Food Processing Plant2009

Location:             Food Processing Plant, MI

Contractor:         Smith Waterproofing, Almont MI

Engineer:            Gateway Engineering & Surveying

Materials Used: 300 gsm Unidirectional Tow Sheet & 4550 Epoxy Resin

Project Scope:   Processing Plant combined high humidity and a very acidic environment.  The corrosive atmosphere deteriorated CMU building, creating loss of compression capacity a loss of tensile capacity.

Solution: Fortress 300 g.s.m. Carbon Fiber Fabric was installed 4ft on center to increase compression capacity.

Conclusions: Fortress Carbon Fiber was designed to tie foundation back together while increasing its compression capacity, and still maintain plant production.

Fortec Food Processing Plant2009 Fortec Food Processing Plant2009 Fortec Food Processing Plant2009


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September 21, 2020