South Carolina Hotel Balcony Reinforcement

Fortec Hotel Balcony

Date: September 21, 2007
Structure: Grande Shores Ocean Resort, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
This is a 7-story resort hotel on the Atlantic beachfront. It is constructed using standard concrete skeleton method.
Contractor: Sandcastle Construction, Hilton Head, SC
Engineer: Peter Sherritt P.E., Hilton Head, SC
Material Used: Pre-cured Pre-preg w/peel-ply column wrap vacuum laminated. Designed by layout of job scope. Laminated with #4020 Epoxy.
Project Scope:
Concrete columns fa�ade were pulling away from the balconies. Challenge was to strap and reinforce columns, yet make reinforcement aesthetically pleasing.

Pre-preg column wraps allowed for fast installation, completing project with minimal disruption and prior to hotels busy season. With this method they were still able to function with only a small area of rooms closed off to public.

Original design was to install 200 lb steel plates that would have added significant weight, would not have been aesthetically pleasing and would have closed a large area of the hotel losing them revenue.

Fortec Hotel Balcony Fortec Hotel Balcony Fortec Hotel Balcony Fortec Hotel Balcony Fortec Hotel Balcony


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September 21, 2020