Virginia Overpass

Fortec Overpass

Date: November 2005
Structure: Highway, Elkton Virgina
Contractor: Lanford Brothers
Engineer: Virgina D.O.T.
Material Used: FORTEC Carbon/Kevlar Grid 48K with 4020 epoxy resin
Project Scope:
To incorporate composite grid as repair and waterproofing to leaking joints on highway 33 at the 340 overpass

Fortec 4020 Epoxy gel was used for water proofing sealant and carbon/kevlar grid was encapsulated into the epoxy resin. Vacuum clamping process was utilized to remove any trapped air. Two lifts of epoxy overlay and broad cast aggregate was then applied.

Joints were repaired in less than one hour and highway was open to traffic in four hours.

Fortec Overpass Fortec Overpass Fortec Overpass


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September 21, 2020