Georgia Bridge – Award of Merit

Fortec SR 92 2004 Award of Merit

Structure: S.R. 92 Bridge over Noon Day Creek
Contractor: Georgia Department of Transportation
Engineer: J.B. Trimble & Associates. Atlanta, Georgia
Material Suppliers: B.G International LLC, Riverwood, Maryland and Structural Composites, Inc., Houston, Texas

In the last two decades, many of Georgia’s bridges have been widened to meet increasing capacity demands. Originally, these bridges were often designed for the H15 truck loading, and 15 psf of future wearing surface. If the sufficiency rating is high enough, the H15 section of the bridge is retained and incorporated into the new bridge width. New sections of a widened bridge are designed for the current live loading. In the past, no attempt has been made to upgrade the original H15 sections to meet the higher loads because traditional strengthening methods such as external post-tensioning or externally bonding steel plates to the members were cost-prohibitive. Recognizing the need for a solution, GDOT’s Office of Bridge Maintenance decided to find a cost-effective solution to the “sandwich” problem: utilizing fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP).

Built in 1962, S.R. 92 over Noon Day Creek in Cherokee County, was a 26 ft wide by 160 ft long bridge composed of five 32-ft long reinforced concrete T-beam spans. The original section of the bridge would require a 30% increase in both flexure and shear capacity. The method of FRP shear strengthening used for this project was unique. Drawing from recent research on carbon fiber shear strengthening, special L-shaped brackets were used.

The carbon fiber installation was completed in only 50 days using daytime single-lane closures. A total of 1000 square ft of carbon fiber laminate was installed on the beams and slab, upgrading roughly 3900 square ft of bridge.

Fortec Stabilization was the proud manufacturer of the peel-ply carbon L-brackets supplied to Structural Composites. Fortec combined 4 layers of pre-prag with double-sided peel-ply to combine strength with excellent secondary capabilities

Fortec SR 92 2004 Award of Merit2004 Award of Merit


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September 21, 2020